market commentary

2022 Review | 2023 Outlook
2022 marked the 10 Year Anniversary since I launched Rose Capital Advisors in 2012 (literally in my living room), after many years in corporate wealth management. My dream at the outset was to build a pre-eminent boutique advisory firm, with...
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Q1 2022 Market Commentary & Outlook
With the unfolding of the Russo-Ukrainian crisis; the commencement of monetary policy interest rate tightening by the Federal Reserve; widespread concerns over shortage-induced price increases for energy and food; and further Covid-related lockdowns and restrictions in China, the month of...
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2021 Review | 2022 Outlook
2022 marks our 10-year anniversary since launching Rose Capital Advisors! We are planning to have celebrations later this year in Miami and New York. Details to follow!
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2020 Review | 2021 Outlook
We experienced several high-profile client acquisitions and continued AUM growth...
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