Investment Philosophy

Our view on portfolio construction is driven by an evaluation of the overall client financial picture.
We construct and manage the liquidity and investable asset parts of the portfolio while taking into account a client’s unique overall financial situation. Our goal is to implement the investable asset allocation in order to protect and grow the total net worth of the client.

There are four guiding principles that drive our asset allocation decisions and portfolio construction process. We believe adherence to these principles provides our clients with protection and asset growth whether economic growth is faster or slower than expected or whether inflation is higher or lower than forecasted.


Focus on the protection and the growth of capital in an absolute sense rather than relative to stated benchmarks. We believe portfolios should be constructed in a manner which allows the portfolio to perform in varying economic scenarios. Since no one can perfectly predict future growth or future inflation, you must be positioned for protection and growth regardless.

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Asset allocation within the investable assets must account for the risk and liquidity aspects of the “non-investable” assets, such as family businesses, direct “personal use” real estate holdings, fine art, and other collectibles.


Portfolios are constructed, implemented and monitored at the manager and product level. All pieces of the portfolios—from traditional long-only equity managers to emerging private equity offerings— pass through an institutional due diligence process from world class research firms that we selected based on their particular expertise.

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Portfolios are implemented to deliver efficient and passive low-cost solutions where alpha generation is unlikely, then seeking and implementing the best active managers where generating alpha is possible. Because of our independent advisory structure and our institutional relationships, we have virtually the entire investment universe of managers from which to choose. We add, delete and rebalance among asset classes and managers on a dynamic basis.

Discovery Phase

Discovery phase where we get to know you and the people who are important in your life. We aim to understand your goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, and need for liquidity.

Gather Data

Gather all qualitative and quantitative financial and personal data such as cash flows, brokerage statements, and retirement plan information.

Analyze Data

Analyze and evaluate all of the data, documents, and financial information through sophisticated financial planning software.

Develop the Plan

Develop the long-term comprehensive plan including a formal investment policy statement (IPS) and strategic asset allocation.

Implement the Plan

Implement the recommendations of the plan by identifying and helping to select specific strategies, solutions, products, and services. In this stage, we will work closely with your other service providers and professionals.

Monitor the Plan

Constantly monitor and review the plan to make sure the client is on track to reach their targeted goals and objectives.

We place an emphasis on long-term, comprehensive financial planning.

Economic Scenarios

Asset allocation should be should be determined based on the “intentions of” and “objectives for” the pool of assets. The portfolio objectives are expressed through our four economic scenario buckets. They are broadly categorized into: Capital Growth, Real Return, Volatility Management, and Income.

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Manager Selection

Rose Capital Advisors and Dynasty Financial Partners have carefully selected several of the leading institutional research firms to provide asset allocation advice and manager due diligence and monitoring. Callan Associates provides advice primarily on long-only managers. Wilshire provides advice primarily on hedge fund managers.

Manager Selection

Data collection: quantitative and qualitative

Quantitative Screening

Sifting of managers based on quantitative information such as volatility, correlations, AUM, performance

Manager meetings to assess investment process, personnel, organizational stability

Manager Search Committee

The Manager Search Committee oversee process to ensure appropriate manager selection

Final Review

Formal written document is prepared detailing overall evaluation

Managers are approved and available for investment. Once Implemented, the systematic monitoring process begins.


Our institutional partners allow us to leverage the best resources, infrastructure, and intellectual capital.

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