Michael Rose

2023 Review – 2024 Outlook
We conducted an informal straw poll of Investment Committee and Investments Team members, and asked them fortheir highest conviction “calls” for 2023. 2023 TOP 10 THEMES VS WHAT HAPPENED: 1. Long-term global central bank quantitative tightening regime change with higher...
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2022 Review | 2023 Outlook
2022 marked the 10 Year Anniversary since I launched Rose Capital Advisors in 2012 (literally in my living room), after many years in corporate wealth management. My dream at the outset was to build a pre-eminent boutique advisory firm, with...
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2020 Review | 2021 Outlook
We experienced several high-profile client acquisitions and continued AUM growth...
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NBA players
What Pro Athletes Can Teach Us About Retirement Planning
Financially savvy athletes know how to live below their means and invest in their personal brand. The same goes for average Americans, too. Professional athletes earn huge sums of money at a young age, but their sports careers are often short-lived...
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