Open architecture. Conflict free.  Full transparency.

Assess your goals, objectives, and aspirations

Craft a highly customized, sophisticated and formal Investment Policy – Statement that serves as our investing roadmap

Develop a Dynamic Asset Allocation to reduce risk and maximize returns

Monitor and review progress toward targeted financial goals Rebalance and adjust based on changes in assets or personal/family situation

Comprehensive financial oversight of all liquid and illiquid financial assets in accordance with “Family Mission Statement”

Offer consolidated financial reports and performance analytics of all estate activity

Philanthropic and Gifting strategies

Bill Pay and Concierge services

Multi-Generational Planning and facilitation of Family Meetings

With the utilization of sophisticated software programs such as NetX, MoneyGuidePro and Envestnet we are able to provide you with 24/7 online access to your accounts, in-depth performance reports, and a wide variety of institutional research

Retirement needs analysis

Determine target retirement age, location, and lifestyle

Analyze all income sources from Social Security, Pensions, Insurance, and Corporate retirement plans and benefits

Establish and contribute to eligible retirement plans such as 401k, 403, Traditional and Roth IRA, SEP, Simple, and Profit Sharing plans

Create a lasting and cohesive legacy that ensures your wishes, goals, and values are honored when you are unable to manage your own affairs

Coordinate with a diverse network of estate planning attorneys to draft essential estate planning documents such as a will, trust, power of attorney contract, and healthcare proxy

Provide Capital to meet immediate liquidity needs for settlement costs Maximize the estate for transfer by minimizing taxes and expenses

Prepare personal cash flow statement

Create a budget to achieve financial security

Debt Management and savings strategies

Amongst services offered by our custodians and partners

Check writing, debit, and credit card capabilities

Automatic Bill Pay and Direct Deposit

Internet Banking

Checking and Savings accounts with access to Money Market Funds, CD’s, Commercial Paper, and Treasury Bills and Notes

Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Investment Banking

M&A Advisory and consulting services in connection with proposed purchase and sale transactions

Access to large institutions and boutique middle market firms

Business Plan Writing and Strategy Capital Raising from Institutional and Accredited Investors

Consultation on existing assets and investment programs

Implement Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation to provide a foundation for managing long-term risk and portfolio returns

Evaluate your unique risk tolerance, return expectations, time horizon, income and liquidity needs, tax situation, and overall financial objectives

Create a strategy as opposed to merely executing a “trade”

Real Estate, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, Commodities, Managed Futures, and Timberland

We take the time to source, due diligence, and review best in class managers, to find unique alternative investment opportunities

Perform cost analysis to determine how much a college education will cost and how much you should save

Assist in integrating a 529 College Savings Plan into your overall financial plan

Explore other sources to fund educational costs such as financial aid, grants, scholarships, UGMA accounts and more

Recommend Tax Reduction Strategies

Provide timely information regarding changes in tax legislation

Coordinate with established CPA firms to provide Federal Tax Preparation, State Tax Preparation, Estimated Tax Calculations, and Mid-Year Tax Reviews

Charitable giving

Evaluate your exposure to accidental loss and liability

Analyze existing insurance programs

Craft uniquely tailored programs designed to optimize asset protection

Advise on Life, Health, Disability, Property and Casualty, and Umbrella Insurance policies

Direct access to capital markets desks of major Wall St. banks

Structured Products

Leveraged loans, high yield and mezzanine financing

Home mortgage, refinancing, and lines of credit

Margin, securities based lending and special purpose loans

Slide “The key to happiness lies in a modest standard of living which can be easily achieved under all economic conditions.” Benjamin Morwitz Slide “The stock markets day-to-day is actually a distraction from the business of investing.” John Bogle Slide “I’m not smart. I try to observe. Millions saw the apple fall but Newton was the one to ask why.” Bernard Baruch Slide “Don’t beat yourself. If you have a [financial] plan that is working, stick to it.” Martin Schwartz