Ideal Client Profile

Open architecture. Conflict free.  Full transparency.

Our typical client…
-Truly fun to work with
-Philanthropic and focused on leaving a legacy
-Committed to our comprehensive financial planning philosophy
-High Net Worth Individuals and Families
-Eager to introduce our practice to their network

Our existing client base consists of…
CEO’s and Senior Executives of Fortune 500 Companies
Small Business Owners
Hedge Fund and Private Equity Principals
Professional Athletes
Sports Broadcasters
Family Offices
Nonprofit Foundations

Living in…
New York
Los Angeles
& Other Major Cities Around The World

Slide “The key to happiness lies in a modest standard of living which can be easily achieved under all economic conditions.” Benjamin Morwitz Slide “The stock markets day-to-day is actually a distraction from the business of investing.” John Bogle Slide “I’m not smart. I try to observe. Millions saw the apple fall but Newton was the one to ask why.” Bernard Baruch Slide “Don’t beat yourself. If you have a [financial] plan that is working, stick to it.” Martin Schwartz